So What's my next step?

If you've attended a Sunday morning worship service, this may be the question on your mind...

...and that's great! We'd love to help clarify your next steps at Journey through something we call DISCOVER. Ultimately, our desire is to help you discover more about who you are, who God is, and what your future at Journey Church might look like.

With this in mind, we've designed two environments that will help you continue connecting:

The DISCOVER Hub and The DISCOVER Lunch.


Stop by The DISCOVER Hub on Sunday mornings to engage with someone who will help to connect and grow at Journey.

We hope to see you there!

the discover lunch

Lunch is on us! 

If you’re new to Journey, come meet the staff, connect with others, and learn more about our past, personality, passions, and practices. The DISCOVER Lunch is typically offered the first Sunday of each month immediately following the 11 a.m. worship service.

Childcare is provided.

Next Lunch: Sunday, January 7 in Room 202/Student Ministries Room

(immediately following 11 a.m. service)

a simple church...

At Journey we pride ourselves on being a simple church. Life is complicated enough so we don't want to make church complicated. 

With this is mind, we only do a handful of things. Our belief is that when people are engaged in the things we do, they we be able to connect with others meaningfully on the journey of full life

in Jesus. 

There are only 3 things we do: 

1. Gather

2. Group

3. Go

  • gather

    We gather to collectively worship Jesus and be encouraged and spurred on in our journey in full life with Him. Our primary gatherings happen on Sundays. These gatherings are:

    • Worship Services (9:30am & 11:00am)
    • Journey Kids (9:30am & 11:00am)
    • Journey Students (6:00pm)
    • Other Gathering Events (prayer retreats, nights of worship, times of prayer..etc)
  • Group

    Small Groups exist to get people into life-giving, Jesus-centered relationships. 

    Groups at Journey have a variety of focuses. Some groups are life-stage specific (adult, young adult, empty nesters...etc), some are topic centered (books of the Bible, books, freedom...etc) and others are gender specific (men, women). 

    Groups primary happen in two 12-week semesters...

    • Semester 1 begins in September and ends in December
    • Semester 2 begins in early February and ends in May
  • go

    To go means to serve people.

    We categorize going into two primary categories:

    1. Ministry Teams (First Impressions Teams, Worship & Creative Arts, Discover, Journey Kids, Journey Students, Group Leaders, Prayer Team)
    2. Serve Events (Hand2Hand, Mission Trips, Concession Stand Volunteering...and many more)