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This temporary page provides resources and information as we prepare to launch the Middleville Location of Journey Church (see updates below).

Middleville Launch Team Interest Night

Are you interested in the Middleville Location?

Curious about the vision and direction for this location?

Wondering if you could play a part or possibly join the launch team?

The Middleville Launch Team Interest Night is for YOU!


Wednesday, February 20, 6:30-8PM

Journey Church Caledonia Location

Any questions? Email Pastor Derek here.

The restoration company has been on site for a couple weeks. The north end is getting gutted and continues to progress nicely. Once the remaining mechanical/plumbing/electric is gone, they can treat and shellac the studs.

The company who will be doing the demo of the worship center/lobby came in significantly under our anticipated budget...So that's great news. Our construction manager has to file pictures with Rutland Twp the end of this week of the capped gas lines and disconnected electric panel and the twp will issue demo permits. That should happen early next week. Then either next week or the following week of 1/21 we will have demo crews on site to take down the building!

One area that continues to move slower than we'd like is selection of the steel supplier. The only company that has given us a number at this point is the original manufacturer of the old building. They've only given a material cost without assembly. So it's not enough to go on, yet. The other company we're hopeful will put a proposal together soon has been slow to respond. And the project moving forward hinges on this part of the process...so pray for favor and movement soon so we're not further delayed.

- Brad Laninga, Building Team Leader

We are praying for...

UNITY (Psalm 133) - Pray that unity is both protected and grown because every step of faith takes a new commitment to unity. Pray that the more we see of Jesus, the more we give of ourselves.


SALVATIONS (2 Peter 3:9)


PROTECTION (Hebrews 13:17) - Pray for protection over leadership, individuals, and families.

WISDOM (Proverbs 2:1-6)

FAVOR (Acts 2:46-47; Psalm 5:12) - Pray for favor with the community and the people we will work with.

THIS PLACE (Zechariah 2:3-5; Jeremiah 33:3) - Pray for the fire of God around us and His glory in our midst.