Here to serve

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served,

but to serve, and to give his life...” (Mark 10:45).

We love serving people. We serve because Jesus served, it's in our DNA as His church. We are here to serve.

Below are ways we are seeking to partner with Jesus and serve our communities.

Upcoming serving opportunities

Caledonia Highway Clean-Up (September 22 - Sign up and view more info HERE)

Caledonia Harvest Festival

(September 29Sign up and view more info for serving with

the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce HERE

Sign up and view more info for serving at the Journey CHurch booth HERE)

Caledonia Football Homecoming (October 5 - Sign up and view more info HERE)

Hand2Hand (See details below)


Hand2Hand helps provide food for kids in our communities who face hunger

over the weekend. The primary way Hand2Hand serves is by packing bags of food for students to be distributed in schools. 

For more info about getting involved with Hand2Hand, see details here.

Do you Have a serving idea or opportunity you want to make a reality?

Let's partner together and make it happen!

Share a serving opportunity here.