Move in to a ministry team!

Each week as people gather at Journey, Jesus is changing lives. Behind this life change are teams of people serving, loving and leading.  Being involved on a Ministry Team at Journey is your chance to use your gifts, talents and passions to impact the lives of others. 

Below are ministry team opportunities to help you see where you can move into serving and begin making a difference. 

  • First impressions team | leader: brad laninga

    Create a warm & welcoming environment where each person feels valued & loved. This includes greeting, distributing handouts, ushering, and engaging people in conversation.

    Interested? Find more info and join this team HERE!

  • Coffee bar | Leader: Erica Allen

    Make coffee (as well as hot water, iced water), stock tea and coffee, and clean up coffee bar. Be friendly and talkative to those getting coffee.

    Interested? Find more info and join this team HERE!

  • Journey Kids | leader: katie thompson

    Saying “YES” to being a member of the Journey Kids Team means taking the opportunity to engage with kids and other leaders by having fun and growing with Jesus through activities, teaching, musical worship, and building relationships. This is not childcare, it is kids ministry and your chance to make a difference in the lives of kids at Journey. 

    Interested? Find more info and join this team HERE!

  • Parking lot team | Leader: Gene hughes

    Bring a smile, wave and a positive attitude ready to greet guests and regular attenders. Be ready with general information and encouraging words.

    Interested? Find more info and join this team HERE!

  • discover TEAM | LEADER: Rhonda deward

    This team serves as a resource to help people discover more about Journey Church and take steps toward connecting and living in their God-given purpose. Through answering questions at the Discover Hub and hosting others at the Discover Lunch, you are helping people take their next steps in relationship with Jesus and other people.

    Interested? Find more info and join this team HERE!

  • worship & creative arts TEAM | Leaders: miranda stout, ken douglas

    The Worship and Creative Arts team exists to create spaces and opportunities for people to take next steps with Jesus. From serving with tech, to capturing video and photos, to leading musical worship, this team focuses on creating space for people to experience Jesus and take next steps with him.

    Interested? Find more info and join this team HERE!